Summer Camp Journal

by drrafael

What follows are entries from my journal at conservative summer camp 2012. The names, places and events have been changed so any resemblance to historic or present day places, people. events is wholly random, or at least, part of liberal conspiracy.

I’ll be posting entries and insights from my journal over the next few weeks.

Day 1 

Get to camp and it’s pretty nice — well manicured grounds, beautiful view of Lake Concoctitikaka , counselors seem friendly.

Meet my roommates: George, Charles & Ted. I learn that while we sleep and hangout in one room, we don’t “share” the room but own our bunks and lease the room — most of the night spent reviewing and negotiating legal documents to define bunk boundaries, rights of ways and a lease-purchase agreement for the “common area”.

End up getting a swirlie for using the term “common area”; trying to memorize the more apropos “chamber of liberty and freedom”.

Second swirlie for using “apropos” — French apparently a no-no.