Election Marketing 101

by drrafael

Fred Barnes writes in the WSJ:

Had Mr. Romney won half the Hispanic vote, he’d probably be president-elect today. As it was, billions of dollars were spent, millions of people enthralled, and the politics of Washington and the nation dominated—all by a presidential campaign that led to nowhere. The survivor in chief was the status quo.

While most of the piece engages in wholesale denial of your very own markets and marketing, it’s stunning to see , on ostensibly the premier business publication, such a sloppy business argument.

Look at it this way: if Mr Barnes were CEO of a soap company, he is basically saying that he spent billions on advertising to a market he fails to understand . Even worse, when rationalizing the poor financial return to his investors, he bemoans that he could not get 50% market share of the very demographic his soap company ignores. It’s like reading a bad business plan — if we just get 30% of the market, we’ll be successful. Of course, the challenge is getting the 30% or in this case, the magical 50%.

I encourage Mr Barnes to keep spending a lot of zeroes on advertising and just don’t worry about the marketing or the product– you’ll show them next time — 60%.